Window Vents

Campervan Window Vents & Motorhome Window Vents

There are times when you park up and you know that you want to keep a steady flow of air through your van to keep it comfortable, yet you can't leave the window open for security reasons. It doesn't matter if you're leaving to go to the beach or go shopping, or simply want some night-time ventilation to keep you cool or reduce condensation, the problem is the same.

The solution is a window vent, and fitting is simplicity itself. Simply wind down the window half-way, fit the vent panel into the gap at the top of the window, and wind the window up again. It really couldn't be simpler.

All our campervan window vents are designed to precisely fit your make, model and year of the van, and are louvred to keep rain out. Perfect.

These vents are ideal if you need to leave your cat or dog in your van on a hot day too, and want to keep him/her safe and well ventilated at the same time.

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