VW T5 Campervan Awnings

VW T5 Campervan Awnings: Multivan, Transporter & California

If you drive a VW T5 then you drive what is currently the most popular, and prolific, campervan on the market. The consequence of this is that there is a wider range of accessories specifically tailored to it than to any other camper-van currently available. In this area of our shop we look at the various awnings that are available, to help extend your living-space (really useful if you have children), and in so doing improve your enjoyment of your camping. There are two main styles of an awning to consider: those which wind out from the side of your van and remain fixed to it at all times, and those which are carried separately that you can leave standing and simply drive-away from when you want to use your van for transport.

VW T5 Campervan Wind-out Awnings

The main manufacturers of wind-out awnings for the T5 campervan are Fiamma and Thule (formerly Omnistor).

Fiamma produces a dedicated awning in the form of the T5-specific F45 S Titanium, which is a very popular choice amongst our customers with a choice of two different colours for the vinyl canopy and two different lengths to suit SWB/LWB. It comes complete with fitting brackets so there are no hidden extras, and is suitable for Multivan, Transporter and California.

Thule also manufacturers a dedicated T5 campervan awning with their Omnistor 5102 but, unlike the Fiamma F45S Titanium above, it is only suitable for the Multivan and Transporter and not California. Note that this is nothing to do with the awning itself, but rather a decision by Omnistor to only sell the 5102 California brackets through a VW dealer! The 5102 is 2.6m long (so if you have a LWB T5 van and want a 3.0m long awning, see the Fiamma F45S above) comes with brackets included, and is available to fit either right hand drive or left hand drive.

So that's a choice of 3 different wind-out awnings, all specific to your VWT5, from two different manufacturers, in a range of colours and lengths, and suitable for fitting either side of the van. The quality is great, they take seconds to wind out, and they'll last for years. However, if you would prefer a room that you can simply drive off and leave standing, you will be most interested in:

VW T5 Campervan Drive-away Awnings

We are proud to sell the excellent DWT range of driveaway awnings which, like your T5, are designed and built to last in Germany. If you value the German engineering quality in your VW, it surely makes sense to choose a German-engineered driveaway awning to accompany it. The full range of DWT driveaway awnings (annexes as they are sometimes called) is extensive, to say the least, but some are especially suited to camping in a VWT5 because of the van roof height they are designed to work with. The driveaway annexes we consider most suitable are:

Some of the above driveaway annexes come with optional accessories such as an inner tent (for a sleeping compartment) or a groundsheet, and the product description tells you more detail so just click any link to learn more and the most out of your T5 campervan. For more help, you may also find our campervan driveaway awnings comparison chart useful.

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