THULE Panorama

THULE Panorama Awning Tent

The Thule Panorama is fully adaptable to answer all of your needs. You can fully remove the large front windows. You can also open them vertically to use as a door, or open them horizontally to let the fresh air in. The tent panels can also be used as sun and rain blockers.

Front panel design Depending on your awning's size, the front design of the tent varies but with no compromise on luminosity and comfort.

Panoramic View The large front and side windows offer a stunning 180° view on your surroundings and provide you with the lucent space you dream of.

Innovating fabric material AIRTEX® is a 100% polyester fabric coated on one side with acrylate and impregnated with a finish based on Teflon. The fungicide finish prevents the development of fungus and mildew. The fabric absorbs almost no moisture and provides optimal water tightness.It is very low-maintenance and washable.

Clamping profile A clamping profile ensures mounting and connection of the side panel to the awning fabric. It’s the perfect roof sealing. The side panels slide into the clamping profile for easy installation.

Quick installation The front and side panels simply slide into rails for the quickest installation you can dream of.

Front and side panels are combined with a zipper. A double rubber flap attached to the mast profile ensures full sealing with the vehicle wall.

High sturdiness Thanks to a diagonal support between the mast and the clamping profile, the tent offers extremely high stability.

• Thule WindSlip (prevent the wind from entering through the gap below your vehicle)
• 2 luxury bags to store: the pegs,the arch tubs, the tent...

Curtains is optional accessory.

The Panorama is available for the awnings: Thule Omnistor 8000, 5002, 5003, 5500, 9200, 6200, 6900, 6002

Model       Mounting Height    

Medium     2.30m > 2.44m
Large        2.45m > 2.59m
X-large      2.60m > 2.75m
Ducato      2.30m > 2.50m

Please see video Thule Panorama installation:

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