Safari Residences - Withdrawn Products

Thule Omnistor Safari Residence - Withdrawn Products

In this section you will find Omnistor Safari Residences for motorhomes, motorcaravans, campervans and caravans that are no longer available for purchase.

Please go here if you are looking for our current range of Thule Omnistor Safari Residence.

In many cases this is because they have been superseded and replaced by something else, hopefully, better.

We keep these old products here because they act as a useful archive resource for some, and contain links to their new and improved replacements to help others.

Simply open the out-of-stock item and you will learn what information was available about it when it was for sale.

You will also find a link to follow to its current replacement, in each withdrawn product. If you don't, please contact us and we'll be happy to try and help.

Or you can go straight to our current Thule Omnistor Safari Residences category and browse there.

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