Omni-Bike Elite

Thule Omni-Bike Elite | Omnistor Omni-Bike Elite

These high-end extendable bike carrier models from Thule|Omnistor - with new features - can be extended to 4 bikes

The Thule Omni-Bike elite is Omnistor's new, high-end range with features that will make transporting your bikes safer and easier. The Thule Omni-Bike elite comes in two version, regular and short version.

Standard two bikes, extendable to three of four bikes.

Thule Omni-Bike elite

The simplest and safest solution

The sturdy oval profiles make this bike carrier extremely strong and stable. For reasons of safety, new Rack Locks have been designed, which ensure that the carrier cannot be opened whilst you are driving. The lower and optional upper mounting profile spread the weight evenly over the panel.

To make it even easier to mount the bikes, the Thule Omni-Bike elite has sliding rails, both in the width and depth (only the 2nd and 3rd rail). Just about any type of bike can be fitted onto the sliding wheel holders. The user-friendly bicycle clips are supplied as standard. New or existing attachment points can be re-used or covered by the mounting profiles.

There is a special model for attachment to existing installation hooks (HH or FH).

Features of the Thule Omni-Bike Elite (Omnistor bike carrier) include:

  • Oval tubes
  • Rack lock
  • Rail sliders
  • Wheel holder
  • Bike holder
  • Top mounting rail
  • Extremely stable profiles
  • Up to a maximum of 4 bikes
  • Easy fitting
  • Increased safety

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