Solar Panels

Solar Panels for Motorhomes & Motor-Caravans

If you want to use your motorhome or campervan in the way that was intended - i.e. autonomously and not tethered to a campsite with mains power - then you need to find ways to extend the life of your leisure batteries. One way to do this is to harness the power of the sun through solar panels.

The power from the solar panels normally feeds into a large leisure battery or two. A solar charge controller or regulator is used between the panels and the batteries to prevent battery overcharging. The more advanced controllers provide the user with information such as the charging current and battery voltage. Some will even record the solar PV system's performance over time.

In a pleasant change from sophisticated mathematics, the number and size of the solar panels to fit a motorhome or campervan is often more dependant on the available installation space and budget, than on daily energy use. Most people are simply looking to get as much charge as possible into their batteries.

In this category we offer a number of solar panels fro you to consider, and as you will need accessories to get the most from them on any motorcaravan, they are all included in a sub-category.

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