Satellite Navigation

Sat Nav & Other Navigation Equipment

Nobody likes being lost and, if you've ever tried to drive a motorhome or tow a caravan in unfamiliar territory (and there's no point going camping at home!) with a passenger who can't read a map, leaving you to drive and map-read yourself, then you'll know that some form of navigation aid is not so much desirable as nigh-on essential.

What we have in this section then is everything from the humble (but reliable!) compass, which can't suffer a hard-drive failure like my old Tom Tom Go 910 did at the beginning of a 2 week motorhome holiday, through a basic sat nav that will show you how to reach your destination in your car, right up to the ultra-sophisticated device that knows the height and width of your motorhome/caravan and carefully plots you a route that avoids low bridges and narrow roads as required. That's what we now have, and I strongly recommend it.

As always, our range of navigation aids are laid out below, so please click the one that interests you to learn more details on the product.

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