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Duvalay by Raskelf

Based in Yorkshire, England, and made famous on TV's Dragons Den when partnered with multi-millionaire investor Hilary DeVey, Raskelf (now trading as Duvalay) specialises in bringing you the best possible sleep in your motorhome, campervan or caravan (or indeed pretty-much anywhere else that isn't your own bedroom at home).

The ingenious Duvalay Memory Foam Sleeping Bag comprises two pockets sewn together along the side and bottom, with the bottom pocket containing memory foam to even out any bumps in your cushions, while the top pocket holds the duvet. The design ensures that you can't wake up in your caravan and find that your duvet has slipped off, leaving your back cold against the caravan wall (as happened to boss Liz Colleran before she invented the product), and there are numerous colour options, thicknesses and TOG ratings to choose between.

Slightly simpler in concept is the Raskelf Portable Mattress Topper, which is effectively the bottom-half of a Duvalay, providing neatly covered memory foam that you can unroll over your campervan cushions every night to irin out the bumps, before making your bed on top as usual. As with the Duvalay, there's a huge range of thicknesses, colours, widths and even fabrics to choose between.

Either way though, if you buy one the Raskelf products, you can be assured of a good night's sleep in your motorhome next time you're out camping. 

Raskelf & Duvalay Product Range
Duvalay Portable Mattress Topper
Raskelf Duvalay Raskelf Portable Mattress Topper


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