Project 2000 Steps

Project 2000 Electric Steps & Project 2000 Manual Steps

Project 2000 Steps are widely used for access in both leisure vehicles (such as campervans, motorhomes and motor caravans) and commercial vehicles. Many chassis-mounted Project 2000 steps have a unique and patented design, meaning they have no direct competitors. They are the step of choice for many motorhome manufacturers (including Autosleepers) and campervan conversion specialists.

Project 2000 Steps are well built and sturdy, combining high-strength galvanised steel with anodised aluminium components, for a combination of strength and long life. The Project 2000 step range spans manual, electric and electronic. The steps offer full manual operation where the step is pulled in and out by hand or 12-volt operation of many versions. An optional wiring harness, relay, etc are available for the electronic steps.

Project 2000 Steps can also be used on some minibuses and taxis to provide better access for passengers with impaired mobility. Step automation is easily possible, and spares are available should they be needed later.

Common Features across Project 2000 steps include:

  • Robust design incorporating anti-slip and anodised aluminium footboards;
  • Galvanised steel structure, for strength and durability;
  • Rapid opening and closing, and manual release/retract option if no power available;
  • Motors and gearboxes integrated with sealed bearings;
  • Many Project 2000 steps fold in and out with a 'see-saw' motion.

Note that there are significant differences between slide-out steps, swing-out steps / see-saw steps / fold-out steps, and single / double / triple steps: The operating mechanism, retracted positions, and final step heights all differ. These key dimensions are shown on a technical diagram on each product. Fitting instructions for Project 2000 steps and accessories may be available as PDF files, so please ask us if you need this.

Project 2000 offers a substantial range of steps for campervans & motorhomes, and for your convenience this table may help you to better understand the Project 2000 Step range:

Project 2000 Electric, Electronic & Manual - Steps & Accessories
Double Drop-down Steps (12v electric) Single Steps See-Saw (12v electric) Sliding / Slideout Steps (12v Electric / Electronic) Manual Steps (See-Saw) 12v Step Accessories
Project 2000 Electronic Step - 480 Double with Disappearing Motion Project 2000 Electric 440 Single Step with See-Saw Motion Project 2000 Electric Step - 440 Single with Sliding Motion Project 2000 Manual Step - 440 with See-Saw Motion
Project 2000 Electronic Steps - Wiring Harness Kit
Project 2000 Electric 500 Single Step with See-Saw Motion Project 2000 Electronic Step - 440 Alu with Sliding Motion Project 2000 Manual Step - 550 with See-Saw Motion Project 2000 Electric Steps - Wiring Safety Relay
Project 2000 Electric 550 Single Step with Swing Motion

OTHER MANUFACTURERS: If you do not want a Project 2000 Step then you may wish to look at Omnisteps, Tecno Electric Steps or Fiamma Steps instead.

Project 2000 step accessories and spare parts are also readily available if required. Please browse the full range of Project 2000 steps and accessories below, and if in doubt contact us for help.

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