Portable Toilets

Portable Toilets (Porta Pottis)

Most modern motorhomes and campervans have a built-in cassette toilet but there are situations where that simply doesn't work, a boat being the most obvious example where the toilet may sit below the waterline making it impossible to access the cassette externally. A cassette toilet is also impractical in a dual purpose or occassional use campervan, which may double up as a family people carrier or work van during the week.

The solution is a portable toilet, sometimes referred to as a Porta-Potti (in much the same way that a vacuum cleaner is commonly referred to as a Hoover).

Our range of portable toilets offer the following benefits:

  • Require no fixed plumbing, simply top up the integral water tank for flushing;
  • Easily stored away in a cupboard or under a seat, so no dedicated space needed;
  • Can be removed from the vehicle entirely when not in use as a single unit;
  • The top lifts off in seconds so the bottom can be carried to a convenient location for emptying.

While we can't necessarily recommend it, we do know of one customer who travels with a sports bag and uses it to simply take the lower half of his portable toilet into a hotel toilet to empty. Try doing that unnoticed with a large cassette...

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