Portable Mattress Topper

Raskelf Portable Mattress Topper

Raskelf portable toppers are ideal for caravan and motorhome beds and will dramatically improve your comfort in any situation. They are designed to roll away easily and include luxury stretch covers.

If this isn't quite what you're looking for, you may wish to check out the innovative Raskelf Duvalay.

Raskelf™ Memory Foams come in three different ranges

Our Bronze range is a 40kg/m3 soft visco elastic memory foam. It lacks the degree of support given by our "Gold" or "Silver" range especially for the larger framed person and will not have the same longevity.

Our Silver range is a specially selected 60kg/m3visco elastic memory foam. This incredibly soft yet dense foam gives exceptional support and comfort even on the hardest of beds.

Our new Gold standard gives you your richest ever sleeping experience, offering quality, comfort and full body support. And now Raskelf innovation means it actually weighs less than other premium visco elastic memory foams at 60kg/m3. Our Gold is easier to pick up and carry and a lighter load in your caravan and motorhome. We strongly recommend it for heavier customers and those with back and neck conditions. Our best performing visco elastic memory foam yet.

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