Crockery & Glasses

Motorhome, Campervan, Caravan & Boat: Crockery & Glasses Storage Solutions

The storage of cutlery when travelling in a caravan isn't really a problem, but neither glasses nor crockery and campervans really don't go well together. Sure the Ducato and VW T5 chassis are comfortable enough for human occupants, but plates and glasses tend to have a somewhat less tolerant view of the motorhome designers' efforts. Perhaps this is because most most motorhome cupboards don't have a comfortable padded seat for their contents to sit in, so those glasses and plates don't enjoy the ride as much as the humans do. And as for the ability of a boat, crashing through the waves at sea, to destroy its contents...

And it's not much fun arriving at a campsite to find that you can't enjoy a glass of wine or a cold beer, or even eat your dinner, because you've nothing left to drink from or eat off!

The solution to this is, fortunately, to hand with our range of storage solutions especially designed to keep your crockery and glasses safe and undamaged in the cupboards of your motorhome whilst driving, or caravan whilst being towed. Take a look below and we think you'll find what you need.

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