Safari Style

Omnistor Safari Style - Specially designed for your Caravan Style

The Safari Style tent consists of two separate side panels and a front panel in grey polyester with PVC edges. The Safari Style is very easy to install. The front panel slides into the front profile. Once the supplied clamping profiles have been attached to the tension arms of the awning, the side panels can be slid in. The sidewall allows you to connect to the vehicle by pressing the foam band against the tent mast. The side and front panels are joined to the front profile using the synthetic double profiles.

Large panoramic windows are featured on all 3 sides of the tent which not only let in plenty of light but also offer good views to your surroundings. The tent also has two wide doors on the left and right front sides. The three closable ventilation openings, which are fitted with mosquito screens as standard, provide constant air circulation when opened. The open space between vehicle and ground can be sealed using the wind-slip. Curtains and a storage bag are supplied as standard. The tent is resistant to both UV and mould. From 3.00m length onwards Weight: minimum 15.5kg - maximum 19kg

Standard features of the Omnistor Safari Style include:

  • Extremely light
  • No gaps anywhere between the awning and the side panels
  • Modern design
  • Large windows for a panoramic view
  • Good ventilation

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