Safari Rooms

Omnistor Safari Room

The Safari Room tent consists of two separate PVC side panels and a front panel (also in PVC). This tent can be installed very quickly. The front panel is slid into the lead rail of the awning. The side panels are hung up by means of tension rafters introduced between the awning box and the lead rail. They are joined to the front profile by means of tent clips with anti-slip strips. A double profile connects the side and front profiles and the side panel allows you to connect to the vehicle by pressing the foam band against the vehicle wall. An optional tension rafter ensures better stability.

The open space between vehicle and ground can be sealed using the wind-slip, which is supplied as standard. The front panel window has a zipper from a length of 3.00m onwards. The left side panel has a ventilation strip which can be closed. Curtains are available as an option in grey or blue. For a length of 5m or more, you must order a set for 4 windows. For storing your Safari Room, you can order a set of solid luxury Safari storage bags (# 50 0000 20) as an option.

Side panels and front panels can also be ordered separately. These panels are always in light grey, whilst a front panel or complete Safari Tent has the same colour as the awning fabric.

A Safari-Room is available for several types of Omnistor awnings except for the Thule 1200 Caravan Awning - for this see Omnistor Safari Style.

Installation instructions are available on video or DVD!

Standard features of the Omnistor Safari Room include:

  • Top quality fabric
  • Fully versatile
  • Front panel can be rolled up separately

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