Safari Residences

Omnistor Safari Residence - the No. 1 in Awning Tents

The new Safari-Residence tent consists of two PVC removable side panels and one front panel (also in PVC).

This tent is easy to install. The front panel slides into the lead rail of the awning. For the connection between the awning fabric and the side panel, the awning fabric is kept in place by using a clamping profile. The side and front panels are then inserted into the same profile to complete the connection. The connection of the side panels to the vehicle is completed by sliding the side panels into a mast profile which is then placed by the vehicle wall. This mast profile can be adjusted in height and has a double rubber profile which seals the gap between the side panel and the vehicle wall. The diagonal support between the mast profile and the clamping profile ensure high stability.

Standard features of the Omnistor Safari Residence include:

  • Exceptionally stable system
  • Resistant to water and wind
  • Top quality fabric
  • Fully versatile
  • Front panel can be rolled up separately
  • Modular construction

The connection between the side panels and the awning fabric is done by means of a new windproof clamping system without deformation to the fabric. The front panel can be rolled up separately and de the front panel window has a zipper from 3m onwards.

It is available for the Omnistor 5000, 5002, 5500, 5800, 5102, 6002, 6502, 6802, 6900 et 8000 awnings.

The open space between vehicle and ground can be sealed by installing the wind slip, which is supplied as standard. The front panel can be rolled up separately and the front panel window has a zipper from a length of 3.50m onwards. The left-hand side panel has a ventilation strip which can be closed.

Curtains are available as an option in grey or blue. For a length of 5m or more, you must order a set for 4 windows. For storing your Safari Residence easily, you can order a set of solid luxury Safari storage bags (# 50 0000 20) as an option.

Note: Small is not available for the Thule|Omnistor 8000. A Safari Residence is supplied with a fixed slope. If the slope of your awning is different from this grid, you must indicate this when ordering. There is a special model for the Thule|Omnistor 5102.

Important: when ordering, always state the type of awning / length / colour / mounting height A.

Complete Safari-Residence

The Safari-Residence is available for following Thule|Omnistor awnings:

  • Omnistor 8000
  • Omnistor 5800 - 5500 - 5102 - 5003 - 5002 - 5000
  • Omnistor 6900 - 6802 - 6502 - 6002 (NOT for 6000)

From 2.65m length onwards - Not for vehicles with curved walls

Available in mounting heights of Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large en Extra-Extra-Large. - 3.10m possible on demand

Mounting height = between bottom of housing and ground

Colours: 03 - 04 - 18 - 20 - 21 - 22 - 27 - 31 - 32

Optional sets of curtains are available in blue (3 windows: #21 5004 03 - 4 windows: #21 5005 03) or grey (3 windows: art. nr. 21 5006 04 - 4 windows: art. nr. 21 5007 04).

Please select the exact product that you require from the list below for more product-specific details and prices.

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