Thule Omnistor Awnings

Thule Omnistor Awnings

The standard features of a Thule|Omnistor awning

We are proud to stock the full range of Omnistor motorhome awnings and Omnistor caravan awnings. If you already know the exact product that you want, please go straight to the product details at the bottom of this page. If you first want to know more about the products themselves, the features they contain and the benefits they offer you, please read on...

Quick Release

The telescopic support legs are very easy to unfold. They are lowered vertically from the front frame and stand automatically in the correct position to be set at the right height using the Quick Lock system.

This means that the support legs never come too close to the vehicle panel. The dual-purpose facility ensures that the awning can be set up on any base. This is done either by securing it with stakes in a natural base or using the special holders which can be assembled on the panel.


The height of the support legs can easily be set or adjusted using the patented Quick Lock system. All Thule|Omnistor awnings have this innovative and extremely user-friendly system.

Awning Fabric

The top quality PVC fabric used for Thule|Omnistor awnings is pressed down along both sides and has a coating. This coating keeps the fabric colour fast, watertight, washable, and durable. It not only ensures a high degree of scratch-resistance but also increases the UV-resistance and heat-resistance properties.

The fabric may be rolled up for a few days, even if it is wet. The high-frequency joint finish also ensures a high degree of water tightness.

Patented locks

The double security lock ensures extra safety when the vehicle is moving. Once the awning is closed, the front frame is bolted by the patented locks at both ends of the awning. The locks are automatically unbolted when the awning is opened using the telescopic handle. The Thule|Omnistor 5003, 8000, 6002, and 6900 have this double security lock, whilst the Thule|Omnistor 2000 is fitted with manual locks.

Sturdy and stable profiles

All awning parts are made from the extremely strong material. Each part which is assembled in the awning, as well as the casing, are subjected to strict requirements.

Telescopic handle

Absolutely simple! You open or close your awning in no time at all using the telescopic handle. The handle is standard for all awnings with spring arms and is available in two different lengths, 102 to 155cm or 130 to 190cm (depending on the type of awning).

Monoblock & Spring arms

The combination of the utmost sturdy spring arms and the monoblock makes the Thule|Omnistor awnings extremely stable. Normal upward and downward movements are absorbed to protect the vehicle panel (no extra pressure). The double steel cables in the retractable arms ensure that the Thule|Omnistor awning is resistant to wind and also guarantee maximum fabric tension.


The awnings can be attached to the vehicle using one of the many adapters. The adapters are made of stainless aluminium. They are anodised (i.e. anodised aluminium) or powder coated, depending on the application, and are available per set or full length. Not standard for series 6 awnings. We have a team which is working constantly to follow up new developments to provide a solution as soon as possible.


The sub-categories below contain awning adapters, awning installation kits and awning accessories.

You may require either an Omnistor adapter or an Omnistor installation kit to install your awning.

You may also wish to further enhance your vehicle with the range of genuine Omnistor accessories.

The Omnistor awnings themselves are slightly further down the page...

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