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Thule | Omnistor Omni Step

The Omni-Step ("The ideal help", to quote Omnistor's catalogue) is available in a number of manual and 12v electric motorised designs, all of which have different sizes. The manual steps have to be unfolded and folded by hand. The 12v electric versions are operated using a switch mounted within the motorcaravan's habitation area, and conform to the relevant EMV and CE standards. The design and manufacturing  quality standards of all Thule|Omnistor Omnisteps exceeds European standard EN1646. The corners of the step are rounded and give light in the darkness

As standard, a warning switch is supplied with the step for the connection of a warning lamp or buzzer in the vehicle so that you cannot accidentally drive away with the step out. Also standard in the box with every electric step is a step control switch to mount inside your motorhome.

Optionally, for maximum visibility on a dark campsite, your motorised Omni-Step (post 2003 and not for Slideout 700) can be fitted with a set of LED lights (1 set per step). Another option with motorised steps, is a relay to automatically fold up the Omnistep when your motorhome's engine starts; this is such a valuable safety feature that we feel it really should be a standard fitment. An Omnistep control box can be installed as another option, and it will automatically extend and retract a 12v step whenever the door is opened and closed; this can be especially useful in a van or minibus, for maximum passenger safety.

The steps are made of corrugated anodised aluminium, the fastening frame from aluminium or warm zinc plated steel.

Features common to all Thule | Omnistor Omni Steps include:

  • Lightweight, yet extremely solid
  • Safe
  • Maximum static load of 200kg

With all these benefits as standard, it's no surprise that the Omni-Step is fitted as standard by many manufacturers of coachbuilt motorhomes, and campervan converters.

Omnistor offers a substantial range of Omni-Steps, and for your convenience you'll find the full range of Omnisteps, together with those from other manufacturers, broken out in this table:

Thule | Omnistor Omnistep Selection Table
Manual Steps 12v Slideout Steps 12v Single Drop-down Steps 12v Double Drop-down Steps Step Accessories
Omnistep Slideout 400 Manual
Omnistep Slideout 12v 400 Omnistep V10 12v 460
Omnistep 12v Double 380 Omnistep Safety Relay
Omnistep Slideout 12v 550 Omnistep 12v Double 440 Omnistep LED Lights
Omnistep V10 Manual 550
Omnistep Slideout 12v 700 Omnistep V10 12v 550
Omnistep 12v Double 500
Omnistep Control Box
Omnistep Slideout 12v Sprinter Omnistep Installation Kits

OTHER MANUFACTURERS: If you do not want an Omnistep then you may wish to look at Project 2000 Steps, Tecno Electric Steps or Fiamma Steps instead.

Mounting kits exist (and are required) for many vehicles. Omnistep spare parts are also readily available.

Or, if you prefer, please browse the full range of Omni-Steps and accessories below, and if in doubt contact us for help.

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