Omni-Bike Lift

Thule Omni-Bike Lift

For easy installation of the bikes onto the bike carrier - invaluable if you find it hard to lift bicycles onto a high-mounted cycle carrier for any reason.

After lowering the bike rack into its lowest position, the bikes are easily installed and fixed in the bike rail. Just by pushing one button or by using the hand crank, the bikes are brought to their normal level. Use the straps to fasten the rack.

The frame is made of anodised aluminium and all fixation parts are rust proof. Thule Omni-Bike lift - Loads effortlessly.

This bike carrier, which is available with a handle or 12V motor, bridges a distance of 70cm in height. The bikes can be loaded and unloaded easily. The rack can simply be blocked at the frame with the tension straps. The stable frame has a diameter of 35mm.

If the mounting height is more than the standard height, you can order a set of extra long arms as an option (for a height of up to 1.50m).

Available for 2 bikes, but can be increased to 3 bikes. There is a special design for some Bürstner models (#18 5229 00), please see below.

Standard features of the Thule | Omnistor Omni-Bike Lift include:

  • Handy Quickblocker rails
  • Bike-holders for each bike
  • Rack holder
  • Plastic covers
  • Manually or with a motor
  • Easy to Mount bikes
  • Can be increased to 3 bikes

Please choose the Omnistor Omni-Bike Lift that you require from the full range, shown below:

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