Omni-Bike Caravan

Thule Omni-Bikes for Caravans | Thule Omni-Bike Sport for Caravan

This is Thule Omnistor's range of bike carriers that are specially designed for installation on a caravan.

There are models for installation on the A-frame of the caravan (i.e. the draw-bar used for towing), or for installation on the caravan's back rail.

A key benefit of the Caravan Omni-Bike over other OmniBikes, and other makes of "caravan" bike carrier is that the caravan storage can be accessed with the bikes still in place on the carrier as shown in the photo. Clearly this is much more convenient, and secure, than needing to remove the bikes first.

Please see the individual Thule|Omnistor caravan bike carrier specifications below for more information.

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