Electrical & Electronic Tools

Electrical Tools & Electronic Tools

Much as with the Motorhome & Campervan Mechanical Tools area of our shop, our aim with the selection of products in this category is to provide you with the electrical and electronic equipment that you need to properly look after your motorhome or caravan, both to protect its reliability and value, and to get the maximum enjoyment from it at the minimum cost.

If you haven't started your engine for a while then it can sometimes be tricky to do so, and we, therefore, have here a heavy-duty portable power pack that will turn over your motorhome's big diesel engine without any problems.

If that's not enough to get your engine started - or you simply want to take a look at a blown bulb or similar - we have a range of sensibly-priced electrical test gear that will let you do so. And if you're into your own maintenance in a big way there's also an EU-standard EODB2 fault code reader, but that's not for everybody.

Turning to your interior for a moment - and the protection of your caravan/motorhome from the dreaded damp - you no longer need to go to a dealer to get that checked. We have what must surely be one of the most-competitively-prices damp detectors anywhere, so you can check your van for damp as often as you want, free of cost, and without leaving your own driveway. If you spot any damp early enough you can usually nip it in the bud before it gets to the point where it'll cost so much to fix that, it's cheaper to scrap the vehicle!

And if you ever need to work on your campervan/motorhome in the dark, then we have an ultra-bright rechargeable inspection lamp that will help you.

Please take a look through the electronic/electrical tools below, click on the ones that interest you, and please let us know if you want something that we don't list here...

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