Towing (Motorhome, Caravan & Camping)

Towing a camping trailer behind your car is simple enough (providing you stay within any weight restrictions on your driving licence) and it's a very useful way to carry tents, chairs, table, BBQ etc. if you don't have room for them in your car. Just be sure that you use a [towing bumper protector[29251]] (aka. [bump catcher[29251]]) if you're not experienced at hitching up.

Towing that same camping trailer behind your motorhome can introduce some additional considerations, not least amongst them the fact that you need to find a suitable [towbar for a motorhome[32840]].

Towing a caravan behind a car introduces other potential problems, amongst them being the legal requirement to be able to see past the caravan on both sides from your driving seat, something which is commonly addressed by a pair of [extended towing mirrors[30870]]. There are other considerations too, of course, not least being the need to determine the [caravan nose weight[29250]].

In this section of our shop we have gathered together everything which is designed to make your life easier when towing, and thus make your camping holiday both safer and more enjoyable. Please click on any product below for full details.

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