Kitchen Sinks

Motorhome & Caravan Kitchen Sinks

The kitchen sink is a surprisingly important part of a motorhome or caravan (perhaps because of the expression "everything but the kitchen sink" and of course every motorhome and caravan travels with a kitchen sink...), where "all the comforts of home" catering is very much the norm, but it needs to be a little more compact than its domestic equivalent.

What we have here then are a range of kitchen sinks especially intended for caravans and motorhomes, with a variety of finishes from the well-known enamel (in different colours), through stainless steel (both with and without drainers), to black granite (for the ultimate in travelling luxury).

To learn more about any particular sink, simply click on it in the list below. Note that if you are looking for a campervan sink or something for a marine application, these combined sink and hob units may be exactly what you need.

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