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When you're relaxing and having fun away from home it's all too easy to forget about safety, to make a small mistake, and to suffer the consequences of failing to prepare. Nobody really wants to think about this (I bet you're on the verge of clicking off this page right now), let alone be a victim of a failure to do so ... but the sad reality is that accidents do happen, holidays do get ruined, people do get hurt, and the suffering could often have been avoided with a little prior care.

Listed in this category are a few things that, in our opinion, you would be wise to consider taking with you on your camping holiday. If you never use them that's fantastic, and you're lucky: but I can tell you that I have already saved one family's holiday and possessions with my fire extinguisher, and I know they now always carry one in their caravan too.

By the same token, if you have ever slipped on your motorhome's step, the easily-fitted Omnistor Security Handrail can save you a possible trip to A & E as well as adding extra security when you are away from your van.

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