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Naturally we all make sure that our motorhome or campervan is fully and properly serviced before we go away on a trip, but despite our best intentions problems do occasionally occur. Being properly prepared for them can be the difference between a small inconvenience, and a ruined holiday.

It's a legal requirement - and vital for safety - to run with your vehicle/tyre manufacturer's recommended tyre pressures, so we have here a selection of tyre pressure gauges and tyre pumps to ensure that you can keep them where the law - and your family's safety - requires.

And if you get a flat tyre there's an extending wheel brace to help the vast majority of us loosen off the nuts on our commercial chassis that were last tightened with an impact wrench, wielded by somebody whose favourite words were "very tight."

If you do have the misfortune to break down, including with a flat tyre, then there's a red warning triangle to put out so that other road users know you're there. It's a legal requirement in many countries.

And if you can't get going again then we have a choice of a tow-rope and a rigid towing brace to help somebody else get you to the nearest garage. You should, of course, check your vehicle's handbook for instructions before using either (for example, many automatics can only be flat-towed a short distance, if at all).

Oh, and if you're worried that running out of fuel may be your problem (or simply need to carry some fuel safely for your generator or similar) then we have a selection of steel fuel cans that you can choose from.

Finally, as if this isn't enough, you can look here for electronic & electrical tools such as power-packs & test-gear.

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