Gas Regulators & Changeover Kits

Gas Regulators & Changeover Kits for Motorhomes, Caravan, Campervans &Narrowboats

Low Pressure Gas Regulators

Gas Regulators are essential in controlling the gas flow from propane or butane tanks to BBQs and other travel cooking appliances in your caravan, motorhome or boat. Because they are such an important part of the gas system, we offer only the best quality regulators. Most of our regulators feature a reinforced diaphragm and are designed to fit any brand of UK manufactured 8mm hose nozzle.

Propane gas is best for use during the winter months. Each of our propane regulators has an operating pressure of 37mbar. We offer the 27mm Clip-On Propane Regulator, which can handle an inlet pressure of up to 16bar. Our [Screw On Propane Regulator [32402]] and [Handwheel Regulator[32405]] can handle inlet pressures of up to 20bar.

Butane gas is ideal for warmer weather and indoor use. Butane regulators generally have an operating pressure of 28-29mbar and a capacity of 1kg/hr. Our [21mm Clip-On Butane Regulator[32406]] fits 7kg and 15kg gas bottles, while our [Screw On Butane Regulator[32400]] is designed to fit 4.5kg gas bottles. Our [Camping Gaz Regulator[32404]] is specially designed to fit Camping Gaz bottles, which are available throughout Europe.

For caravans and motorhomes built after 2004, we offer the new style [30mbar Caravan Regulator[32420]], which operates off both propane and butane gas. (This regulator cannot be retro-fitted; for vehicles built to the earlier BS5482 standard rather than EN1949, please see the gas specific regulators above.)

For maximum performance and safety, all regulators must be handled carefully and should be replaced every 5 years.

Propane & Butane Gas Changeover Kits

Nothing ruins a camping holiday like running out of gas, which is why we offer Changeover Kits for your propane or butane cylinders. Our changeover kits are easy to install and come with everything you need to ensure a steady flow of gas between the cylinders and appliances in your motorhome, boat or campervan. Our [Manual Changeover Kit[32414]] alerts you when your first gas cylinder is nearly empty. The changeover is as simple as turning the first cylinder off and turning the second cylinder on, allowing a constant flow of gas as you replace the empty cylinder.

We also offer an [Automatic Changeover Kit[32411]], which alerts you when the first cylinder is nearly empty, then does the switchover for you so you have fewer worries. An Over Pressure Shut Off (OPSO) device is required for installations of more than two cylinders; please see our [Automatic Changeover Kit With OPSO[32413]].

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