Gas Ovens

Gas Ovens for Motorhomes, Caravans & Boats

If you want to enjoy your camping holiday to the full then you need all the comforts of home in your motorhome or caravan. Those comforts include a decent meal and, perhaps even more importantly, the oven with which to produce it. Travelling is just so much more enjoyable when you can eat properly, without needing to go out in the rain to collect something.

We are pleased to offer you the choice of a number of beautifully crafted ovens from Cramer, all with bottom-hinged panorama doors, 12-volt electronic ignition, and designed to run on butane and/or propane as you prefer. Whether you're updating an elderly camper-van, improving a more modern one to a higher-spec, or adding something that the German's left out from that LHD Hymer you imported yourself, you'll find the oven that you need in this category.

IMPORTANT:As with all gas products, an improperly fitted oven is potentially dangerous and as such should either be professionally fitted or checked afterwards by a professional if you fit it yourself.

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