Motorhome & Caravan Awnings

It sounds so simple, but it's not. In truth, awnings for caravans and motorhomes is a potentially confusing area. Let's start by clarifying a few things.

Caravan Awnings

As the name suggests, caravan awnings are awnings designed to fit on caravans. They typically comprise a canvas or other fabric skin, a bit like a large and heavyweight tent, that slides into the caravan rail. By itself, though that would merely be an unsightly mess though, so there's then a collection pole to give it structure and space inside.

Starting in 2014 Vango has gone one better than this by using its AirBeam technology in a range of inflatable caravan awnings officially known as Vango AirAwnings. These are designed to save a lot of time and do just that.

There is an exception to this de-facto standard (which, helpfully, comes from Omnistor) wherein the awning is something that winds out from a tube (much as you might find outside a shop-front) and then there's a separate room that hangs down beneath it; this is the Caravan Style (wind-out portion) and Safari Style (room part). It must be said though that these are not as popular amongst caravan owners as the more convenient solutions above.

So that's caravan awnings, but what about motorhomes?

Motorhome Awnings

This is where it starts to get interesting, because both Omnistor and Fiamma do a large range of motorhome awnings, and the terminology is completely different from that used by the makers of the caravan products.

In this context the awning is "the thing in the canister" that winds out from the side of the motorhome. These purpose-designed motorhome awnings come in a huge range of sizes (from less than 2m long to over 6m, with varying projections and for mounting at different heights), with the two most obvious differences between them and their caravan counterparts being: they can be wound out to provide useful shelter within seconds of arriving at a campsite (or indeed stopping anywhere), and they comprise just a roof with no fronts or sides. There's even an option to wind them out electrically, which is a great way to wind up the caravan owners as you sip a glass of wine undercover while they're still left struggling in the rain despite having arrived 15 minutes earlier...

And talking of rain, there are the very popular rain blocker sides and rain blocker front to consider. When the weather's really bad you can quickly and easily hang these under your awning to provide some protection from it whilst not isolating yourself in the way a full room would. Sun blocker front and sides are available too, but unless you're travelling outside the UK then they probably won't leave the bag more than once every year!

If you do want the full "caravan awning experience" (and comfort) for your motorhome then Omnistor extend upon the "front and sides" concept with their famous Safari Room and Safari Residence. The Safari Room is, as the name suggests, a complete room on the side of your motorhome; it's the original product, we've sold hundreds over the years, we've even got one ourselves, and it's still available now. The Safari Residence (or Safari Residence G2 in its latest incarnation), is an improvement upon the original Safari Room in that it is more wind-tight and water-tight than the original product, and thus a more comfortable place still in which to spend large periods of time (much like a top-quality caravan awning).

So that's all that sorted, right until you want to go out the next morning and come back to everything as you left it in the evening. You can't (unless you have separate transport from your motorhome) because you've got to take everything down to move it. Fortunately, there is a solution:

Drive-away Motorhome & Campervan Awnings

As the name suggests, this is something from which you can drive away in your motorhome and leave it standing. But contrary to what you may expect, if you read the previous section, this is not a motorhome awning in the wind out sense but rather a motorhome room in the style of a Safari Residence or caravan awning. Effectively it's a complete tent in its own right, that clips to the motorhome at the top for a temporary weather seal, and unclips again in the morning so you can drive off in seconds and leave it standing with your BBQ and chairs inside.

We sell a large range of these free-standing motorhome awnings, and they're a very popular choice for camper-vans in particular because they don't need a wind-out awning as their basis, meaning they work at a lower height than the motorhome awnings and are of course ideally suited to the more nimble vehicle which is less likely to be towing a car behind it and even more likely to want to be taken out for the day. Stand-alone campervan awnings are then a great option to consider if you want to add extra space to your VW T5 / Mercedes Sprinter etc. camper-van, yet still be able to drive off in the morning.

The Full Range

So, with that explanation over (and presuming that you didn't click one of the many links above to be taken where you wanted to go, and have actually read this far) listed under here you will find everything you could possibly wish for if you are seeking an awning, safari room or safari residence, stand-alone awning or similar for your campervan, motorhome or caravan.

Hopefully this table will help you find what you're looking for:

Awnings for Motorhome & Caravan
Vango AirAwning - inflatable caravan awning Vango AirAwnings - easily inflatable caravan awnings - including Vango Sanna & Vango Varkala
Vango AirAway - inflatable driveaway motorhome awnings - including Vango Kela & Vango Sapera
Fiamma Awnings, Fiamma Awning Accessories & Fiamma Sun & Rain Blockers including Fiamma F65
Omnistor motorhome awnings, Omnistor awnings for motorhomes, other motorhome awnings & awnings for motorhomes
Omnistor caravan awning, Omnistor awnings for caravans, plus other caravan awnings, i.e. awnings for caravans
Omnistor Safari Tents Omnostor's generic name for Safari Residence, Safari Room & Safari Style (see below)
Omnistor Safari Residence The latest evolution of the Omnistor Safari Room (below); closer fitting, less drafty and more suitable for sustained living
Omnistor Safari Room : The original, and well-respected, product. Used the world over and extremely durable. For more comfort still, see Omnistor Safari Residence.
Omnistor Safari Style Omnistor's unique evolution of the Safari Room / Safari Residence concept; designed especially for the Omnistor Caravan Style awning that is exclusive to caravans.
Omnistor Sun & Rain Blockers, Omnistor Sun Blockers, Omnistor Rain Blockers - awning extensions for when you want something, but not a full Safari Room / Residence / Style.
Omnistor Awning Accessories including Omni-Rafter, tension arms, hold down kits, motor kits, Omni-Cleaner (specialised awning cleaner), LED strips for awning channel, sealing rubber, awning repair kits etc. An invaluable resource if you already have an Omnistor awning (and other makes too).
  Omnistor Awning Installation Kits - especially for fitting the Omnistor 6002, Omnistor 6502, Omnistor 6802 and Omnistor 6900 awning to your motorhome - a range of 50 to suit your specific vehicle.
  Omnistor Awning Adapters - a range of more than 100 Omnistor adapters that will enable you to fit whatever Omnistor awning you buy to your van, campervan, motorhome or caravan, regardless of what you drive/tow!

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