12v Single Steps

Single-Tread Steps, 12v, for Motorhomes

These 12v single-tread steps work well on a smaller motorhome, for example a front wheel drive Transit / Ducato / Boxer / Jumper etc. or one with an Alko chassis, where the distance from the ground to the motorhome floor is such that a step is definitely required to assist safe access, but perhaps not great enough to require a twin-tread 12v double step. (If ground clearance is really tight, e.g. a small van, you may be better off with a 12v sliding step.)

These steps extend at the press of a button (typically mounted inside the habitation door but the choice is yours) and retract again with another press of the same switch. They can also be wired to retract automatically when the engine is started, which can be a very useful safety feature.

All the 12v single steps on this page are designed and manufactured to BS EN 1646, come with the necessary wiring and switches, and include comprehensive instructions to ensure a quick and easy installation whether DIY or professional.

If you already have a specific step manufacturer in mind, and can't see what you're looking for below, then the links in this table may help you:

12v Single Step Selection Table
Omnistor Omni-step Project 2000 Step Mapa Techno Step Fiamma Step
Omnistor Omni-Step V10 Single 12V 460 Project 2000 Electric Single Step 440 (See-Saw Motion) None: Only Tecno Electric Steps Double are available. None: Only Fiamma Freestanding Caravan Steps are available.
Omnistor Omni-Step V10 Single 12V 550 Project 2000 Electric Single Step 500 (See-Saw Motion)
Omnistep V10 Single Retro-fit 12V Motor kit Project 2000 Electric Single Step 500 (Swing Motion)

MANUAL STEPS: There are also some manual single steps available: Omnistor Omni-Step Manual 47 and Omni-Step V10 Manual 550.

Please click the product image below that interests you the most, for full details including (in most cases) a technical drawing with dimensions etc.

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