Fuel Cans

Fuel Cans: Petrol Cans & Diesel Cans (aka Jerry Cans)

It is an offence, not to mention extremely dangerous, to carry fuel other than in an appropriate container. Yet many people need to do it, even if only to power a generator or similar.

The simple, and safe, solution is thus a petrol can or diesel can such as we sell in this area of our shop.

The basic can is a simple 5l plastic can for unleaded petrol, with painted steel fuel cans available for those requiring a more robust and durable solution.

These painted steel fuel cans are sometimes known as Jerry Cans: named after the German design from WW2 for the 20-litre fuel can. You can be assured then the design has stood the test of time.

Back in WW2 Jerry Cans were usually painted green (there was little point highlighting an obvious target!) but these days they are colour-coded to indicate the type of fuel they carry:

  • Black = Diesel
  • Green = Unleaded Petrol
  • Red = Leaded Petrol

Note however that the colour-coding is only a convention, and while it's sensible to follow it the reality is that any colour of can carry any of the other fuels.

Note that these steel fuel cans do not come with a pouring spout, for the simple reason that many people will carry several cans but still only need one filling spout, but the filler spout is available separately.

Please choose the colour and size of petrol can or diesel can that you require from our full range below, and don't forget to add the spout if necessary.

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