Manual Steps (Chassis Mounted)

Chassis Mounted Manual Steps

These manually operated caravan steps are designed to be chassis mounted as a permanent fitment. If this is not what you require please go here for freestanding caravan steps.

These manual steps come in two types: slide-out and drop-down (as shown in picture). They are designed to be used on caravans, where usage is infrequent and the possibility of driving off with the step extended is low. For motorhomes, campervans, motor-caravans, minibuses & PSVs (i.e. anything self-propelled rather than towed) we recommend 12v slideout step, 12v single step, 12v double step which can all be wired to auto-retract for safety.

If you already have a specific step manufacturer in mind, and can't see what you're looking for below, then clicking one of the links in this selection table may help you:

Caravan Manual Steps Comparison Table
Omnistor Omnisteps Project 2000 Steps Mapa Tecno Steps Fiamma Steps
Omni-Step SlideOut 400 (Manual) Project 2000 Manual Step 440 with See-Saw Motion
None: Only Tecno Double Electric Steps are available.
None: Only Fiamma Freestanding Caravan Steps are available.
Omni-Step Single 470 (Manual)
Omni-Step V10 Single 550 (Manual) Project 2000 Manual Step 550 with See-Saw Motion
Omni-Step V10 12v Motor Kit (Retro Fit)

FREESTANDING STEPS: There are also a number of Freestanding Camping Steps available if you do not want a chassis-mounted solution, please go to Freestanding Caravan Steps.

SAFETY: We advise against using manual steps on PSVs, mini-buses, etc., and do not recommend their use on other self-propelled vehicles such as campervan conversions or motorhomes. On these vehicles, we strongly suggest that you should use electric or electronic steps, wired to auto-retract when the engine starts, for both safety and insurance reasons.

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