Gas Pigtail Assemblies (Ready-made)

Ready-Made Gas Pigtail Assemblies

If you don't fancy buying various 5/16" (8mm) gas nozzles and a length of [high-pressure gas hose[99002]] to make up your own hose assemblies for your motorhome or caravan, then we have here the solution for you in the form of a range of ready-made gas hose assemblies (also referred to as gas pigtails, due to being short and often twisted).

If you browse through the selection below you'll notice that some are for butane gas, and others are POL threaded for propane gas, also that while spare washers are available (and well worth buying while you think of it!) they differ between propane and butane too.

Note that if you're expanding your propane setup, then our special [twin propane bottle double-up gas tee[32290]] may be just what you need.

SAFETY NOTE: The current advice is that you should replace your flexible gas hoses every few years for safety reasons. Don't take chances with your, or your family's, safety. Always get any gas work you do on your motorhome checked afterwards by a competent professional.

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