Froli Star Mobile Bed System

Froli STAR Mobil Bed System - "Bed in the Box"

Easy to assemble, readily adjustable and extremely flexible with the variety of dimensions Froli Star Bed system provides ultimate sleeping comfort.

FROLI Star is a luxury sleeping system which saves considerable space and weight, fits any bed size of mostly rectangular shape and can be an ideal solution for improving your bed comfort while you are travelling in your campervan.

With its construction height of only 4.3 cm, FROLI Star manages to provide an optimum suspension of up to 3.3 cm. A complete set of FROLI Star elements for the standard sizes of beds in camping vehicles is available in a handy box.

Froli Star consist of base elements that clip together. The springs sit individually on top of these bases and provide independent suspension.

They provide an "articulated air-flow surface".

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