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Duvalay Memory Foam Sleeping Bags

Duvalay Memory Foam Sleeping Bag with Free Delivery The innovative and award winning Duvalay Sleeping Bags have been around for a few years now, and were made famous on TVs Dragons Den when Hilary Devey was so impressed with the products that she invested in the company!

The Duvalay sleep system combines optimum sleeping comfort with incredible ease of use. This clever product consists of a bottom pocket with memory foam (available in 3 thicknesses, 3 widths and 2 different materials) and the top pocket houses a conventional duvet (available in 2 tog ratings and 2 different materials). Simply unroll Your Duvalay Sleeping Bag to use; making your bed takes just a few seconds and you will be assured of a comfortable night's sleep.

Duvalay memory foam sleeping bags are specially designed for use in your motorhome, motorcaravan, truck, boat etc. Most caravan and campervan beds are at best a compromise, often being designed primarily as daytime seats with sleeping as an afterthought, and a collection of cushions pushed together is never going to make a truly comfortable mattress. The Duvalay memory foam evens out these joins, taking your camping comfort to a whole new level. And the (new for 2018) Freshtec ensures you enjoy plenty of air flow under your body in hot environments too.

Another benefit of the Duvalay sleeping bag is that because the memory foam and duvet are attached all down one edge, you can't suffer either from the duvet falling off during the night, or from it moving and causing a cold spot against the wall. But unlike a conventional sleeping bag, because the Duvalay is only attached on one edge, you can kick your legs out during the night if you wish.

Duvalay work equally well in any environment and, once you have used a Duvalay memory foam sleeping bag you won't want to use anything else again. And with fifteen different colours to choose from matching your 'van's decor and personal taste isn't going to be a problem either.

The latest Raskelf Duvalay Gold 5cm standard ensures your best sleeping experience ever, offering quality, comfort and full body support. And now Raskelf innovation means that at just 60kg/m3 it actually weighs less than other premium visco elastic memory foams. Raskelf Duvalay Gold 5cm is easier for you to pick up and carry, and a lighter load in your caravan or motorhome too. We strongly recommend it for heavier campers and those with back and neck conditions, it's our best performing visco-elastic memory foam yet. All of the products displayed on this page are gold quality.

Like other Duvalay stockists we can offer you a wide range of Duvalay bedding to choose from, so wide in fact that it could become confusing. And do take a look at our special OFFER combination packs as a great way to save money:

NOTE: If the Duvalay sleeping bag is not exactly what you're looking for, here are the Raskelf Duvalay (Memory Foam) Portable Mattress Toppers.

Duvalay Memory Foam Sleeping Bag with Free Shipping

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