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Motorhome & Caravan Clothes & Shoes Storage

The convenient storage of clothes and shoes in a caravan or motorhome, let alone a camper-van or boat, presents a number of interesting challenges. Not least because we all like to take more with us when camping, "just in case" we need it.

Shoes, if left on the motorhome floor, are almost always in the way; at risk of either getting kicked around and damaged, or tripping somebody up. Clothes are happiest when hung up in a wardrobe, or folded neatly in a drawer; but most caravans aren't exactly brimming with a surplus of those features. The problems increase manyfold in the smaller confines of a camper-van, especially if of a comparatively compact nature like a VW T4 or T5, where space really is at a premium.

In this section of our shop we have brought together a number of different products including Omnistor's Caravan Door & Wall Organiser (hang all manner of things up tidily & save a drawer/cupboard) and equally useful Caravan Shoe Organiser (save mess & floor space - we have one in our own motorhome - fantastic), all designed specifically to solve these unique problems, so please take a look and see if they can solve yours too. Click on any product to open it up and get more details.

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