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Motorhome, Caravan & Horsebox Sliding Windows

If you're building a horsebox or, perhaps even more ambitiously, building a coachbuilt motorhome from scratch then you'll need to fit some windows to it. If you've kitted out a horsebox before, or even looked closely at one, you'll know that different vans need different sizes of windows ...and there are a lot of different sizes both needed and in use!

We're pleased to be able to help here with the impressive, and justifiably respected, Dometic Seitz S4 window range. They come with excellent references, having been designed by the international market leader for polyurethane and aluminium window systems, and have been installed countless times already. They boast high functionality, first-rate quality, easy operation and are available in almost every conceivable size.

The many benefits of Seitz S4 window range from Dometic include:

  • Convenient one-hand operation: fly screen and blackout roller blinds can be clipped together and adjusted with one hand at the same time.
  • Easy handling in different positions
  • High degree of insulation: blackout roller blinds with aluminium coating
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Robust quality with double acrylic glazing
  • Highly versatile: for wall thicknesses of 26 – 41 mm (fitted by shortening the inner frame)
  • Sliding window with left or right models
  • Large range of sizes

The Dometic Seitz S4 sliding window truly was the first choice, being the classic model with acrylic glass panes and locking system. The front pane (from the driver’s perspective) is adjustable, the rear pane is fixed. The external and internal frames are screwed together from the inside and provide durable and effective insulation.

We also sell the Dometic Seitz S4 Hinged Window - please ask for details.

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