Omni-Bike Garage

Thule Omni-Bike Garage

For easy storage of bicycles in your motorhome garage space.

If you have ever struggled to store your valuable bike safely and securely (let alone easily and conveniently!) in the garage of your motorhome, then the Thule Omni-Bike Sport Garage if for you...

This bike rack is easily installed in the garage space of your motorhome: The frame is fixed in 4 fixation spots to the floor, and the carrier can easily be closed when it is not being used, thereby retreiving most of your motorhome's garage space. Wall fixation is supplied as standard with the Omni-Bike Garage, with the frame being attached to the floor at 4 points (see photos).

Standard features of the Omnistor Omni-Bike Garage include:

  • Bike-holders for each bike
  • Rack holder

As standard the Omni-Bike Garage is equipped to carry two bikes, but if you need to carry more then extension kits are optionally available so please see Omni-Bike Sport G2 3rd bike extension kit and Omni-Bike Sport G2 Garage 4th bike extension kit as required, both of which include bike rail & bike clip.

Please choose the precise Omni-Bike Sport Garage storage solution to meet the needs of your motorhome from the full Omnistor range, shown below:

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