Fiamma Awning Accessories

Fiamma Awning Accessories

If your genuine Fiamma awning transpires to be almost, but not quite, the perfect addition to your motorhome or campervan because it’s still missing that “little something” then this category contains everything you need to personalise it to your own specific needs. Listed below you will find our range of Fiamma awning accessories, designed and manufactured by Fiamma themselves to be the perfect addition to your awning.

 You can choose between:

  • Blocker  Pro - front panel
  • Blocker - front panel
  • Side W Pro -side panel
  • Sun View - front panel for Fiamma F45Ti and F65 awnings
  • Sun View Side - side panel for Fiamma F45Ti (F45) awnings
  • Rafter - Anodised aluminium tension rafter
  • Rafter Pro - Curved rafter
  • Magic Rafter - universal telescopic rafter
  • Rafter LED
  • Awning Arms LED
  • LED Awning Light
  • Kit Cables Rail
  • LED Tie Down Solar Light
  • Tie Down Kit
  • Door Pole
  • Rapid Set - Replacement Zip awning poles
  • Crank Handle
  • Motor Kits
  • Spoiler
  • Repair Kit Plis
  • Kit Awning Hangers
  • Skirting
  • Rain Guard Lower
  • Rain Guards
  • Kit Rain Guard F65 / F65S
  • Rafter Caravanstore
  • Caravanstore Support Leg
  • Kit Awning Pegs
  • Kit Awning Plate
  • Mega Bag

 If you’re unsure as to exactly what you need to tailor Fiamma’s product to meet your exact needs, then please contact us and we’ll be happy to give you advice.


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