Carriage Supplements

Carriage Supplements & Carriage Surcharges

Our standard carriage service suits most people: (subject to stock) we'll deliver anywhere within mainland UK (excluding Highlands & islands), in 1-5 working days (some times of year are busier than others), for just £7.50. We're proud of that and think it represents both good service and value for money.

However, we realise it doesn't suit everybody.

Some of our customers live in the Scottish Highlands and Northern Ireland and, as our carriers charge more to deliver there, so we need to pass that cost on to those customers. The alternative would be to spread the extra cost of a few across all our customers, and we don't think that would be fair. Don't worry if you live in one of these places, we'll always quote you for the extra carriage rather than just charge it to you, and you are of course always at liberty not to order (or to cancel with a full refund if you have already ordered online).

Some of our customers want things the next day, and that's OK too, but it involves both extra work and extra carriage costs for us, so again we need to pass those costs on.

And processing export orders costs us more too, and again it's something that we must charge to those few who require the service rather than spread it across all those who don't.

What you'll see below therefore are a number of "carriage surcharges" to cater for the above situations. The vast majority of our customers will never be affected by these surcharges, but for those who are the costs are here for public scrutiny and consideration.

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