Cargo Management

Cargo Management - Ordering your gear quickly and easily.

Omnistor uses the term cargo management to describe all the things that make a huge difference to your holiday, but don't readily bit anywhere else into their product range catalogue. It's a bit like saying "miscellaneous" , or "other", without being too vague. Here's what their catalogue says...

"The Omnistor Cargo Management range comprises an exclusive lightweight series of products which have been specially developed to make life in your caravan, camper-van or motorhome easier: organising your belongings perfectly indoors, increasing your living space outdoors. The Cargo Management products make packing very easy, whether it is a question of clothes, shoes, kitchen tools, or other items. You just pack and go!"

Our range includes:

  • Countertop Table (cleverer than it sounds - mounts outside on POD System, demounts in one second - great for BBQs etc)
  • Countertop Organiser (hang this under the above for even more storage space and flexibility)
  • Universal Hook (demountable, uses the POD System - not cheap, but solves a problem)
  • Omnistor POD Mounting System (quick-release mounting system for most of the above)

Please click here if you're looking for bike carrier straps.

In short, that's just a sample of what's available to help you with organising the inside of your caravan / motorhome. We also sell similar, and complimentary, innovative organiser/storage solutions from other manufacturers and are adding them to the website most weeks, so if you don't see what you're looking for right now please check back again in a few days time.

Please click the appropriate product image / name, either above or below, for more details on the product and/or to buy:

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