Car, Campervan, Motorhome & Caravan Security Safes

It's a fact of life that when you're away on a camping holiday you will have with you things that you may not carry every day at home: bicycles, passport, substantial cash, foreign currencies , credit cards, house keys, home address details (or "Home" set on sat nav!) etc., to name but a few things that an opportunist thief may want to steal from you. When relaxing on holiday your guard is most likely to be down compared with when at home, the physical security of your possessions is probably at its lowest, and you have more of them with you. A thief knows this, so in addition to the opportunist you must be wary of those career criminals who plan their attack on your family holiday.

And being robbed will ruin your holiday, and perhaps several subsequent ones too from the worry of it happening again.

Fortunately, for a relatively small expenditure, it's fairly easy to guard against the theft of all the above and in so doing ensure the continued enjoyment of your holiday and safety of that which you hold dear back home. Our range of camping safes are all ideally suited to use in cars (for those camping in tents, when out for the day, and in smaller campervans), and in larger campervans, motorhomes and caravans to hold everything you need, even a camcorder or SLR camera in addition to your passports and cash if you wish.

You may also be interested in our range of security chains, and motorhome/caravan security door locks, in addition to the caravan motorhome safes shown below.

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