Storage Boxes

Campervan Storage Boxes & Caravan Organisers

Sometimes you wind up with so many loose objects in your motorhome, or even car boot, that you need somewhere to put them. The solution is a collapsible, and portable, storage box that can hold everything from a few tins through to a pile of clothes, allow you to move them easily, and collapse down when not in use.

In this section you'll find a number of just such storage boxes, including Omnistor's ingenious Go Box (medium collapsible storage boxlarge collapsible storage box), the Omnistor EasyBag 948-4 (that mounts on a bike carrier to provide a huge mount of external storage space), and their Rubbish Bin (probably bigger than the one your motorhome/caravan maker fitted & collapses when not in use) which can do a lot more than just hold the trash. Once you own one of these handy products you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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