Battery & Rechargeable Lamps

Battery Lamps & Wind-up Lights for Tent Camping

When you're camping in a tent, without access to 230v mains electricity or even a hefty 12v leisure battery, you need something to provide light that uses very little electricity indeed. It needs to be robust enough to withstand knocks in travel, yet light enough that it doesn't overly-burden your rucksack. Perhaps most importantly it has to deliver a lot of light, over a long period of time, in return for the batteries it uses!

And if you're camping in England, Scotland or Wales, it generally helps if your camping lights are water-resistant too!

In this category we have brought together for you a range of battery lights - and wind-up lamps - specifically to help you meet these needs. Many use LEDs so their batteries last a long time, some are wind-up and need no batteries at all, another is rechargeable (ideal for sitting outside your caravan/motorhome then recharging indoors, still others add water-resistance to their attributes. There's even a wind-up LED lamp that clips to your head: ideal for midnight trips to the CS's toilet block on a dark night!

For those lights that use bulbs, spare bulbs are listed here (and always worth carrying). And for those that use batteries, there are dry cell batteries (like bulbs, it's always best to have a spare).

Please choose the battery lamp that you require from the selection below and press Add To Basket. Don't forget to add spare bulbs and/or batteries where appropriate, to save yourself the inconvenience of running out on the campsite.

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