12v Slideout Steps

Slideout Steps 12v

A slideout step does exactly what it says on the tin: it slides out horizontally from underneath the vehicle to assist access and exit when needed.

A slideout step is especially suitable for use on vehicles with low or limited ground clearance, such as a minibus or a campervan conversion, or indeed any similar vehicle where a structural sill prevents the fitment of a single-tread 12v extending step or a double-tread retracting 12v step as ground-clearance would otherwise be compromised.

The 12v slideout steps on this page are specifically designed with campervans and minibus conversions in mind. The most popular tread width on a minibus is 700mm for the simple reason that it reduces the chance of the passenger slipping, and thus a potential insurance claim. All the steps on this page can be wired to auto-retract when the engine is started, which can be a useful safety-feature (to avoid damaging both step and pedestrians). For caravan use, a manual step is acceptable.

If you already have a specific step manufacturer in mind, and can't see what you're looking for below, then this table may help you:

12v Sliding / Slideout Step Selection Table
Omnistor Omni-steps Project 2000 Steps Mapa Techno Steps Fiamma Steps
Omni-Step Slide-Out 400 - 12v Project 2000 Electric 440 Sliding Single Step None: Only Tecno Electric Double Steps are available. None: Only Fiamma Freestanding Caravan Steps are available.
Omni-Step Slide-Out 550 - 12v
Omni-Step Slide-Out 700 - 12v Project 2000 Electronic 440 Sliding Single Step
Omni-Step Slide-Out Sprinter (2006 on) - 12v

NOTE: There is also a Thule | Omnistor Omnistep Slideout 400 manual suitable for use on caravans, should you require one.

All the steps on this page are manufactured to BS EN 1646 standard, so please buy with the confidence that your new slideout step / sliding step will be safe and reliable in use.

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