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Whether you're cycle camping or, like us, simply like to take your mountain bike on the back of your motorhome so you can get out and about a bit easier once you've parked up and erected your awning, you need to look after your bicycle while you're away from home. It's important not only for reliability but for safety too (just ask my wife who borrowed somebody's bike and then got half-way down a steep hill only to find the brakes didn't work - she still has the scars now!).

We have therefore collected together in this section of our shop a number of bike tools that will easily fit into your caravan, or even onto your bike itself, and will enable you to carry out some basic maintenance and repairs whilst on your camping trip. It's just the obvious things like bicycle spanners (including a spoke key), puncture repair kits, and a good-quality bicycle pump.

For fun, we've also included here a cycle computer so you can see how far you've ridden every day.

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