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Air Conditioners & Air Conditioning for Caravans & Motorhomes

Being in a comparatively small box - even a large one - on a hot, sunny day can sometimes lead to you becoming warmer than you want. Opening windows to create a breeze can help, as can switching on a roof-mounted 12v extractor fan, but if the air outside your caravan or motorhome is hotter than you want to be then dragging more of it in won't help much.

Most modern cars have air-conditioning as standard, as do a great many shops, offices and hotels. Most homes in the UK tend not to be fitted with air-chilling capability (because we don't get that many oppressively hot days) but it's pretty common in many North American homes. And of course air-con features in the huge RVs with multiple slide-outs they have out there (and you'd want it too if camped in Death Valley during summer!). However, the US RV units are huge and very powerful, and quite aside from the power consumption they would quickly turn most EU campervans into something resembling a fridge-freezer and you'd need to go out in the sun to warm up again!

What we have here is a range of air-conditioning units designed specifically with EU-size campervans, motorhomes and trailers in mind. There are a range of sizes and power outputs to suit the size of your vehicle and climate in which you intend to travel, and of course, they all operate on UK/EU voltages too.

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