LED Bulbs

12v LED Bulbs for Caravans, Campervans & Motorhomes

The vast majority of campervans and motorhomes are capable of autonomous operation - i.e. being used without being connected to mains power - it's an important part of their design. Quite apart from allowing you to overnight anywhere you fancy, it saves electrical hook up (EHU) fees on campsites too.

When operating off-grid (i.e. without shore power) the vehicle's leisure batteries come into play, and it stands to reason that the less current is being drawn from them the longer they will last.

LED Bulbs have a much lower power consumption than their old-fashioned halogen equivalents, and thus increase the time that you can operate your motor-caravan without EHU. They can often be fitted as an upgrade to OEM (i.e. original fit) light units, and of course they can be fitted to our full range of motorhome & caravan interior lights too.

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